Organic & Natural Products

9 12 2007

Lebanon Nature/ Liban Nature is a Lebanese Company, which aims to produce organic products from the land of Jabal Rihane in South Lebanon, and to sell them locally and internationally. Its main product for the time being is the Bay and Olive soap, which manufactured in accordance with the ancient peasant way in Mlikh (Jabal Rihane).

The Natural and Organic Products of Bay Laurel and Olive Berries:

The Middle Eastern Sun draws together the delicate strength and sweetness of the olive oil and the perfume of the bay laurel berries, to give birth to this soap with its reputed curative properties. We would like to emphasize that in Mlikh, we do not have enough organic natural olive oil to produce our soaps, and so we are obliged to buy more than 60% of olive oil from the Lebanese market, in order to manufacture our unique products. We cannot always guarantee that this source of olive oil is organic, for we do not have the technology to check the market oil, and thus, we simply trust the credibility and honesty of the seller. On the other hand, the bay oil is guaranteed to be a completely natural organic oil from the wild natural reserve of Mlikh, which is still free from any kind of pesticides or chemical products.

Manufacturing the Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) Oil:

The softness of the pure bay tree oil combined with olive oil from the sun soaked soil of Lebanon, creates a truly unique and rare soap, both ancient and traditional. This soap is homemade in a large copper cauldron placed on a slow and soft wooden fire. It is a natural and organic soap, which does not contain any artificial ingredients or animal fats.

In October/November when they are ripe, the individual bay berries are picked by hand. They are then boiled in water for five hours, resting in it for the next day in order to remove the pips by hand. What then remains is placed in boiling water for another three hours. During this process, the pure oil floats to the top of water. This is gently removed by a spoon and  bottled.

Medicinal Action and Use of Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) Oil:

– It is a natural product with antiseptic and antibacterial properties, recommended for treating Eczema and Psoriasis.

– When rubbed on the infected area it soothes cramps and inflamed muscles, and brings pain relief.

– Used as an ear drop the ears it relieves pain.

– The Bay Laurel soap cleanses and nourishes the skin. It has a number of medicinal benefits such as mild bactericidal, anti fungal and anti dandruff properties. It also has healing properties for sprains and bruises.

– The Bay Laurel soap contributes to the healing of rheumatism and arthritis.

– The Bay Laurel soap or oil is used traditionally in the Lebanon as a fragrant perfume.


50% pure olive oil

35% pure bay organic oil

10% purified water

5%, vegetable tar extracts.

Expiry date of the soap: three years.


 If you wish to get this product please contact Mr Jean Abouzayd:

Landline: 00961 7 825053

Mobile: 00961 3 345490



Sheep & Poultry Farming


We have also a private initiative led by Mr Nabil Khalil raising sheep in the natural manner using the restricted area for their pasture.

Mr Khalil has also opened a poultry farm to raise organic chicken and eggs, which are then sold locally.

If you wish to contact Mr. Nabil Khalil:

Landline: 00961 7 825136

Mobile: 00961 3 843965





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