Scientific Team

17 11 2007

Jabal Rihane Reserve[1]



Dr. Georges Tohmé and Dr. Henriette Tohmé

(Lebanese University)



3- The Working Team and the Role of the local community


Under the leadership of Dr. Georges Tohmé, the working team was formed of:

    • Dr. Raymond Gèze who studied the geology of the area, its relation with the fauna and flora and the forms of life in the geological era of the past,
    • Dr. Souad Hraoui who studied the herpetofauna (Amphibians and Reptiles),
    • Dr. Ghassan Ramadan Jaradi who surveyed the birds and their migration,
    • Dr. Henriette Tohmé who studied the mammals along with Dr. Georges Tohmé,
    • Dr. Georges Tohmé who studied the flora with Dr. Henriette Tohmé, and who prepared the present report.


On this occasion, we would like to deeply thank Mr. Albert Abela and his foundation for trusting us. We hope that others will follow his initiative.


Also we would like to thank the Heads and Members of municipalities’ councils as well as the mayors and the inhabitants of the Jabal Rihane area who cooperated with us and subsequently became the most supporters to the idea of declaring the said area a reserve. We hope that the efforts will accumulate to have it declared by law, very soon, a protected area.



[1] This study is published by the ARAM Society (, “Jabal Rihane Reserve”, in the ARAM Periodical, volume 17 (2005), pages 285-356.



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